Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 leaked in renders Shows the outer screen in a new file shape, bigger than before

Earlier it was reported that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 will expand the outer screen to be larger. And the screen is not exactly square, but has a slight protrusion like a file folder. Recently, today there is a new set of concept renders that we can clearly see.

This set of renders of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 published by MediaPeanut shows the device from multiple angles both folded and unfolded. which the overall design has not changed much from the original But it seems that the frame of the machine looks more sharp and flat. At the same time, there is also a file-shaped outer screen. And the rear camera module has been repositioned horizontally to match the new screen.

In addition to the general design, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 may come with a new hinge design. that allows for close folding and does not leave a mark in the middle of the screen and that Samsung adjusts the frame design of the device to a more flat ridge, probably because it wants the device to look homogeneous when folded

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