The Samsung Galaxy S24 / S24+ will use the same design, but the Galaxy S24 Ultra may have a chance to change to a new design.

This year, Samsung has used the same design in all smartphones launched this year. From the flagship Galaxy S down to Galaxy A and Galaxy M all use the same design. Recently, someone has revealed that the Galaxy S24 series will continue to use the same design.

As for the leakers, it’s regulars like @Tech_Reve. This means that the Galaxy S24 and S24+ will use the same design as the Galaxy S23 and S23+, both with vertically aligned 3-lens rear cameras and without contour cuts. making it possible to change the design Which here we have to wait and see what effect the continued use of the original design has on sales. I believe that many People would like to see new designs. Well, then there.

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