Xperia 1 IV pops up on billboards ahead of launch show the design clearly with a new noise control camera Can fight in all light conditions

Sony is about to launch the Xperia 1 V flagship phone on May 11, 2023, or in the next 9 days, which various promotional activities should begin simultaneously on the launch date. But for some reason, an ad for the Xperia 1 V suddenly surfaced on a billboard in Hong Kong over the weekend. allowing us to see the design of this flagship model clearly before launching

According to the aforementioned label, the Xperia 1 V will come in three colors: white, black and semi-green black, which are the usual colors of Xperia phones. horizontally and a fingerprint sensor on the side And there’s also the tagline “one for all lights,” which could mean “One camera for all lighting conditions” and will feature a “new double low-noise camera sensor.”

According to the above teaser, it’s possible that the Xperia 1 V won’t use the previously rumored IMX989 sensor, but it could be the IMX858, as it’s the only model that supports low-noise (LN2) mode and has MCSS (Multi- Camera Synchronization System) that can sync multiple cameras simultaneously.

The LN2 mode takes advantage of a new architecture of the CMOS sensor in which photodiode layers and transistor pixels are separated and stacked on top of each other, unlike conventional CMOS which are on the same substrate layer. resulting in a wider dynamic range Get more light and reduce noise in the image without affecting the overall performance of the smartphone.

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